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  1. Introduction to Innovate or Die


As disruption accelerates, the time is now to learn the new rules of the ‘Innovation Age’. This guide will help you navigate the change so you can thrive in today’s disrupted reality.

Industrialisation disrupted the 20th Century, today, the 21st Century is being disrupted by digitalisation; digitalisation is 21st Century industrialisation. Today’s extreme change is occurring because we are transitioning from the industrial paradigm to the digital paradigm. Digitalisation is radically and rapidly changing what people want, why they want it and how they want to receive it. The old rules of industrial value creation no longer apply because a new digital world is being born with new rules.

This paradigm shift is creating exciting new opportunities and dangerous threats. If you and your company learn the new rules and transform yourselves fast enough, you can enjoy incredible growth and success. However, if you don’t change, or don’t change fast enough, your company will die and your job will be eliminated by automation. There is no middle ground; either you innovate or you die.

Welcome to 'Innovate or Die', this video will explain the key fundamentals for this course.

Discover one of the critical new technologies of the innovation, the blockchain: